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What our students say

"The CEISS summer program provides you with valuable knowledge necessary if you want to deal with Chinese business partners or setting up a business in China. Further, the case method teaching method prepared me very well for my latter MBA program in China. The field trips opportunities together with great nightlife in one of the most vibrant, developed and rapidly growing cities in the world helped me to keep this intensive time very well balanced. In addition, you have possibility to spend time with your professors outside of classes and engage in brainstorming of your own business ideas.

I highly recommend this summer school for its combination of outstanding academics and valuable intercultural experience. It is one of the best summer programs that I know."

- Tomas Bucek (CEISS 2014) - Vienna University of Business and Economics

What our students say

"The 'Entrepreneurship and Innovation' course at Fudan was well structured and challenging especially for me as an engineer as the teaching, content and assessment style was very different, so I learnt a lot. The enthusiastic Professors brought real examples to explain the theory and used relevant Harvard business cases to see the broad range of success and failure stories of start-ups in China. The timing of the course meant I had enough time to prepare for class, generate our start up business model and enjoy Shanghai when class ended.

I got to experience the wonderful shanghai nightlife, massage parlours, local and broader Asian cuisine which never made me sick. I watched my first football match where the local shanghai team beat Hainan 1-0. However what really made the experience perfect for me was the meeting of people from all over the world. Within the diverse group of people who applied to the courses there was so many more opportunities to learn and make friends for life and I can never thank CEISS enough for that. "

- Philip Parr (CEISS 2015) - Queen's University Belfast (Aerospace Engineering)

What our students say

"During my time in Shanghai I participated in the China-Europe Summer School for a total of two weeks. It is a decision I absolutely haven’t come to regret. When you’re in Shanghai with the CEISS you can make the most of your time through both the academic programme and organised excursions. This gave me the chance to visit more museums, a famous water-town in the outskirts of Shanghai and even the Dutch Consulate-General.

If there is one thing I know for sure about my time in Shanghai it’s that it was an experience I will never forget. I had an amazing summer where I learned so much and met so many new friends. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity."

 - Liselotte Noordhuizen (CEISS 2015) - Radboud University Nijmegen (the Netherlands)

What our students say

"When I came to Shanghai I did not really know what to expect, but it turned out to be an amazing summer! I took two courses at the CEISS/Fudan University, and both gave me an interesting insight into the Chinese culture. For supply chain management we had a Chinese teacher with an incredible background, as he had worked for many successful multinational companies. It was an honor to be in his class, because he shared many real-life examples with us. I also learnt much about the Chinese business climate, which came in handy when I bargained on one of the many markets in the centre of Shanghai.

The best experience was when we went on an excursion organized by Fudan University to Wuzhen, a ‘’watertown’’ two hours from Shanghai. This was a great opportunity to discover more of China than just Shanghai. We were the only Western tourists, so many Chinese people wanted to take pictures with us! Overall, I learned a lot about the Chinese culture and I would definitely recommend doing this summer school to everyone!"

- Willemien Netjes - Utrecht University

What our students say

"Wow! CEISS at Fudan University in Shanghai was a total amazing experience. From the first contact during the application till the departure the staff from Edvanced International was super friendly and helpful. The handbook before the arrival but also the pick up from the airport and the lectures and social program was well organized. 

The super international group was awesome. We enjoyed the delicious food together, explored the city and had indescribable party nights. More precise: Eating Beijing duck, sightseeing at the Bund, riding a “tuck- tuck” at midnight, getting a hand-made tailored suit, drinking as westerner for free in every club, having great international university group work, driving with a cab for 1,40€ to the lectures... All in all, I can just highly recommend every student who wants an ultimate "once in a life time experience" to join the CEISS at Fudan University."

- Martin Kendel (CEISS 2015) - Germany 

What our students say

"Learning a new culture, overcoming the language barrier, tasting different food and finding beauty in the contrast of modernity with ancient civilization are all things you will experience when coming to the China Europe International Summer School at Fudan. The knowledge you get here goes beyond the classroom, it is a life anecdote you will be telling your kids, that you would also want them to experience by themselves.

I compare China to this gift box you receive and you are so curious to open. Maybe you would have to go through many layers of packing, but it is worth the discovery."

- Carolina Castillo Escobar (CEISS 2015) - Ecuador


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