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Entrepreneurship and Innovation in China

Fudan University, Shanghai, China
2017-07-03 - 2017-07-14
Course Fee
11.500 CNY (course fee + course materials + housing + social programma)
Advanced Bachelor
Course description

Entrepreneurship is on the rise in China and around the world. This class covers the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and analyzes the unique challenges and opportunities for startups in a rapidly changing China.  The two company visits for this course will give you an inside view in the business environment in Shanghai. The cases cover a wide range of business issues, mostly focused on businesses in China. The course will help you think like an entrepreneur, an approach to business that will be as useful for a leadership role in a large MNC as it is for starting your own business anywhere in the world. 

Student profile/target group:

Students of social sciences (incl. law, business, commerce), sciences and engineering at senior undergraduate or graduate level with an interest in entrepreneurship. A general background in economics and business may help, but no specific expertise is required.



Course Requirements

Attendance and active participation.


  • 10% - Class Attendance and Participation
  • 30% - In-Class Writing Work – one question during the final twenty minutes of each class about the readings or case analysis.
  • 30% First Group Presentation – Friday morning, July 7
  • 30% Second Group Presentation – Friday morning, July 14


  • Lecture Notes.
  • Lecture Slides.
  • Case Studies.

Course structure

Daily class times: 0900-1200 and three times weekly 1300-1500

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Required application documents

  • Fudan University Application Form
  • Passport copy
  • CV
  • Home University Transcripts



Download Fudan University Application Form 

Course director / Lecturers

  • Pic Schwarz
    Dr. Brian Schwarz


    Brian Schwarz has lived in Asia for most of the past 20 years and has more than 16 years of business teaching and consultancy experience in Beijing, Nanjing, and Shanghai. He has taught business courses at top universities in Shanghai, such as Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Hult International Business School and ESSCA School of Management. 

    Dr. Schwarz is also an asssociate consultant at Zukunft Group Worldwide, LLC, working with gobal companies creating digitial marketing campaigns for the China market. He has published numerous articles in China-related business magazines such as the China Economic Review, Shanghai Business Review, China International Business, American Chamber of Commerce Insight and European Chamber of Commerce Eurobiz.

Course schedule
June 29, 2017

Arrival day

June 30, 2017

09.00-12.00 Welcome and Orientation Meeting

15.00-17.00 Campus Tour with Fudan University student buddies

18.00-20.00 Welcome dinner

July 01, 2017

Shanghai City Tour

July 02, 2017

Free day

July 03, 2017

09.00-12.00 Session 1: The Basics of Doing Business in China

13.00-15.00 Session 2: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

July 04, 2017

09.00-12.00 Session 3: Key Issues When Starting a China Business

July 05, 2017

09.00-12.00 Session 4: Myths about the Chinese Economy

13.00-15.00 Session 5: What to do when you fail in China - Ford vs. Fiat

July 06, 2017

09.00-12.00 Session 6: Intellectual Property in China - Myths and Reality

Afternoon: Company visit

July 07, 2017

09.00-12.00 Session 7: Student Presentations Part 1

July 10, 2017

09.00-12.00 Session 8: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in China

13.00-15.00 Session 9: Wenzhou - The Decline of China's Entrepreneurial Capital

July 11, 2017

09.00-12.00 Session 10: Creating a Web Startup in China - the Yunio Way

Afternoon: Company visit

July 12, 2017

09.00-12.00 Session 11: Will our Chinese Partner Copy our Technology?

13.00-15.00 Session 12: E-Commerce and Social Media in China

July 13, 2017

09.00-12.00 Session 13: Betrayed in China: One Entrepreneur's Hard Journey East

July 14, 2017

09.00-12.00 Session 14: Student Presentations Part 2

18.00-20.00 Farewell Dinner and Graduation Ceremony


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