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History of Art: European Highlights

Utrecht, the Netherlands & Berlin, Germany & Florence, Italy
2017-07-03 - 2017-08-11
Course Fee
Euro 3.660 (course fee + course materials + housing + the transfer from Florence to Utrecht and from Utrecht to Berlin)
12.0 ECTS credits + Certificate of Attendance
Bachelor level
Course description

Stay in three of Europe's most wonderful cities, cover some 2000 years of Western art, visit all the relevant museums and sites and yet feel like you’ve done more than just skim the surface? The European Highlights combines a broad approach with profound analysis over the period of six weeks in Florence, Utrecht and Berlin. Seize this opportunity to travel back through time and through some of Europe's most incredible museums in only one summer!

A special track consists out of a number of courses, which have been successfully combined in the past. Registering for a special track is more convenient than for each course separately and it also often results to substantial discount.

In Florence, you will have the chance to see the works of the great Italian Masters of the Renaissance in the flesh, visiting the many renowned museums, magnificent cathedrals and grand palaces. The journey then continues up north, to Utrecht. Since the Netherlands is a relatively small country, we will visit several cities to discover Dutch Golden Age art. All the landscapes, seascapes, portraits and still lifes may look so realistic, that one can feel the sea-breeze and smell the grapes, but in fact, nothing in these works really is what it seems.

The last two weeks of the course take place in Berlin. Its many museums will take you from the Middle Ages up until today, with additional focus on the art produced during the time that Germany was divided into two nations by the Iron Curtain.

Upon completion, you will have experienced Western Art in broad strokes, and covered particular periods in great detail. The course is highly interactive, and for a large part takes place in front of the original artworks.

Student profile/target group

The course is open to participants (graduates and non-graduates) from all disciplines with a keen interest in Art History.



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Course structure

Typical day:
- morning: lecture,
- afternoon: excursions, museum visits
Approximately 120 contact hours.

The special track consists of

- The Art of Renaissance in Florence and Rome(Florence)
- Nothing is what is seems: Dutch Art of the Golde Age (Utrecht)
- Art in Germany: from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century (Berlin)

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Required application documents

  • Passport Copy
  • Home University Transcripts
  • CV

Application deadline

1 June 2017

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Course director / Lecturers

  • Florence: Prof. dr. Michael W. Kwakkelstein
  • Utrecht: Dr Nausikaä El-Mecky (Cantab)
  • Berlin: Dr. Matthias Vollmer
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