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Europe as a Business Network, Ecosystem and Industry

Utrecht, the Netherlands & Milan, Italy
2017-07-17 - 2017-08-04
Course Fee
Euro 1.640 (course + course materials + housing)
Bachelor level
Course description

This three week course will focus on Europe as a place to do business. In the first week we will look at the European Union as a business network and ecosystem. Next to lectures, students will work on several case studies and also do a two-day simulation. In this simulation students act as representatives of the European Parliament and they need to work on the economic future of Europe. In the second week students will work on trends and business in the fashion and design industry. This part of the course is situated in Italy and students are immersed in the Italian culture and economy to work on a case study. The third week students are back in Utrecht, the Netherlands were they will focus on trends and business in the media industry. What are the challenges traditional media face and what business models emerge from new technologies like virtual reality?

Student profile/target group

This course is aimed at students from outside and inside the European Union, who are interested in further developing their understanding of the European business world. The course is open to bachelor students in the field of business, marketing and finance, and to (bachelor and master) students who have some background and/or a strong interest in these fields and economic trends and topics in the EU. A good command of English is necessary. Participants will increase their knowledge of and the skills needed to understand the challenges of operating in a European business setting, develop an overview of current trends and hot topics, and will experience their own strengths and weaknesses in assignments and case studies where they analyse and solve problems, and focus on the implications of theory for real-life business.


This course is open to bachelor and master students in the field of business, marketing and finance, and to those students who have some background and/or a strong interest in these disciplines and economic topics in the EU.

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Course structure

This very intensive course requires a study load of more than 40 hours a week, divided in lectures, group work sessions, obligatory field trips and self study.

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  • Passport Copy
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1 June 2017

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  • Drs. Peter O. van der Meer
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