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Freie Universität Berlin

Established in 1948 in the wake of the Second World War, Freie Universität Berlin ("Free University of Berlin") was founded by professors and students, in response to the persecution faced by students who tool a critical eye at developments in the Soviet sector of the then divided city. The idea of a free university found widespread support in the international community.

Today, the Freie Universität Berlin is consistently ranked among Germany's top universities overall, with particularly strong showing in the arts & humanities followed by the social sciences. Research at the university is focused on the humanities and social sciences, as well as on health and natural sciences. Times Higher Education ranked FUB 72nd in its 2015 international ranking. Despite its relatively young age, FU Berlin is associated with five Nobel laureates.

Most of the facilities of Freie Universität are located in the residential garden district of Dahlem in southwestern Berlin.

With 33,000 applicants for the undergraduate programs (Bachelor) in 2013, admissions at Freie Universität remain highly competitive as the university only offers about 4,300 places each year.

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