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Tuition and fees

Tuition fees

The course fees for CEISS courses may vary between courses. Course fees for courses in China are stated in Chinese Yuan, the fees for courses in Europe are stated in Euro. For detailed information on course fees, please refer to the course descriptions elsewhere on this website. For combinations of two courses taken at one CEISS partner university, discounts may apply.

All course fees are inclusive of all tuition fees, study materials, application fees and accommodation.

Course fees are exclusive of (international) travel, visa fees, food and drinks, and (international) health care/repatriation insurance.


All course fees need to be paid in full before the start of the programme by wire (bank) transfer to our bank account at HSBC bank in Hong Kong.

Your invoice and payment information will be made available to you through your personal account at the online application system.

European and other international students taking CEISS courses in China will be invoiced in Euro, based on the official exchange rate on the day the invoice is issued.

Cost of living

How much money you will need to cover the cost of living during your stay at CEISS depends to a large extent on your personal taste, lifestyle and spending pattern. On average, you should count on spending 15 to 20 Euro per day to cover your daily expenses. This will not only cover your meals, but also drinks, coffee, snacks, etcetera.

Please note that your accommodation is already covered in the tuition fees.

There are easy ways to cut down on your expenses. Preparing your meals with your friends and fellow-students will be much cheaper than going out for dinners. All student accommodations are furnished with kitchen and cooking facilities.

In European cities, public transportation is very well developed, but relatively expensive. Bicycling is by far the cheapest and most-fun way of going around. In Shanghai, going around by bike is hardly an option considering the size of the city and the climate, but public transport and taxis are very affordable.

Refund policy

Students who withdraw their applications for CEISS 2017 courses in writing are eligible for a partial refund of the course fees, as follows:

If a CEISS course is cancelled, registered students will be informed in writing not later than June 1, 2017. Students who do not wish to take an alternative course at CEISS will be offered a full course fee refund.


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