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Visa for Europe

If you are a student from the European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland, you do not need a visa to study at one of our European study destinations. Most non-EU nationals, however, will have to apply for a so-called short-stay or Schengen Visa to follow our courses in Berlin, Utrecht or Rome. If you are not sure if you would need a Schengen visa to enter Europe, you may check it here.

In the event you wish to visit more than one country in Europe, you need to apply to the Embassy of the country which is your main destination (longest stay), or which is your first destination. Please make sure you check timely with the Embassy of the country of destination in your home country which conditions apply.

Chinese students who wish to take part in CEISS courses in Europe must apply for a Schengen visa. To obtain a Schengen visa if your main destination is Germany or the Netherlands, you must apply for the visa at one of the offices of TLC Contact.

If you main destination is the Netherlands, for detailed information about the application procedures, and the list of required documents, please visit the website of TLS Contact here.

If Germany is your main destination, please click here.

If Rome is your main destination, please click here


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