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The China Europe International Summer School is an intensive academic summer programme, delivered in a consortium formed by Fudan University (Shanghai, China), Peking University (Beijing, China), Utrecht University (Netherlands), Freie Universität Berlin (Germany), and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italy). CEISS offers a rigorous study programme in the fields of business and economics, government and society and international relations. Our courses explore the main themes that define and challenge the world today, in particular in the context of the rise of China and Asia as a global power.

Here are 10 reasons why you should not miss the China Europe International Summer School in 2017:

1. Study at a world-class university

At the China Europe International Summer School, we guarantee you a top-quality educational experience. CEISS combines the strengths of some of the best universities in China and Europe. All CEISS partner schools are world-class institutions, ranked within the top-100 of the world university rankings.

2. Visit the most exciting cities in China and Europe…

China Europe International Summer School offers you the opportunity to spend your summer in some of the most exciting cities in China and Europe. From historic Beijing to jaw-dropping Shanghai and from ancient Rome via idyllic Utrecht to vibrant Berlin, no matter which course you choose, our locations offer the perfect backdrop to a great summer of learning and fun.

3. …and become a global traveller!

And why not study in two cities, two countries and even two continents in one summer? With our combination courses you will be able to travel around and spend quality time in Europe AND in China. Go around the world in 30 days, and gain a uniquely global and comparative perspective on the world around you.

4. Explore what matters in the world today…

From investment management and supply chain management to innovation and entrepreneurship, from globalisation and urbanissation to geo-political diplomacy and Asia Pacific security: CEISS courses will allow you to explore the world’s main economic, social and political trends and get fresh perspectives on the issues that matter in today’s world.

5. …and how China will impact your life tomorrow

China seems to be everywhere and have a firm impact everything nowadays. But how will China impact on your life and your work? No matter if you are a student of business and economics, politics, law, diplomacy, engineering or the environment, CEISS courses will help shed new light on the latest developments in China, on how these impact on your world and on the opportunities and challenges that China’s rise may bring to your future.

6. Study with an international team of top-lecturers

All China Europe International Summer School courses are taught by a diverse, international team of prominent professors and teachers from our partner universities, augmented with guest appearance by business leaders, government officials and other prominent practitioners. All of our lecturers have extensive international experience teaching and training in a multicultural environment.

7. Mixing theory with practice

All CEISS courses are designed to include a variety of teaching and learning methodologies and to offer a well-balanced mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Classroom sessions are combined with guest lectures, company visits and excursions, museum visits, film viewings, student presentation and discussion groups.

8. Get ECTS study credits

Upon successful completion of your study programme, your CEISS host universities will provide you with a formal university transcript and ECTS study credits that count towards your degree at your home university.

9. Make new friends from all over the world…

All courses of the China Europe International Summer School are taught in an international classroom setting. Our students hail from a wide diversity of countries, providing a perfect setting to make new friends from around the world. Our programmes incorporate a variety of social and cultural activities, that will allow you to understand and appreciate other cultures and which will enrich your study experience abroad.

10. Enjoy a worry-free summer

The China Europe International Summer School and its partners offer a wide variety of student services, ranging from pre-departure briefings, airport pickups and housing arrangements to social activities, cultural excursions and sports events, so that you can relax, focus on your studies and enjoy a fantastic and worry-free summer.

This site provides you with all the information that you need to book yourself an unforgettable summer. If you cannot find what you want to know, we’d love to hear from you!

We look forward to meeting you in Beijing, Shanghai, Rome, Utrecht or Berlin for an unforgettable summer!

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